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Laser Teeth Whitening In Kuwait

What is laser Teeth whitening?

You might be wondering what is laser teeth whitening?
 Laser teeth whitening is a process which changes the color of your teeth by using a laser or a special light. It’s a cosmetic surgery so you have two options where to have this surgery. Either in the dentist office or plastic surgery clinics in Kuwait.   There are some dental clinics that can help you with laser whitening which I will talk about further in this article.
After a period of time, your teeth’s color will change
because of the food that you eat or drinks. The drink will pour in your teeth which causes the color to stain your teeth. Some of the food or drinks that you eat or drink are dark. Some examples of drinks are Coca cola  or any other drink which has a dark color. People who has yellow or discolored teeth can find many dental clinics in Kuwait. One of the best is Asnan dental clinic. Anyone who wants to change the color of their teeth can with laser teeth whitening. It is usually considered for the people who have sensitive teeth and it will change your teeth appearance and make it shinier which is always a good thing!

What is the laser teeth whitening procedure?

During the laser teeth whitening procedure, the first thing is the doctor will put gel on your teeth and the doctor will put a light 1millimeter away from your teeth. Then take the gel off three times, then the last time remove the gel with suction. Lightening product will be applied on your tooth. The bleaching part will be activated by directing the laser or bright light on the patient’s teeth. During this process the patients will have a barrier protecting and covering his or her gums from being harmed from the laser. The laser teeth whitening procedure takes approximate forty five - sixty minutes.

What is the benefits and disadvantage of laser teeth whitening?

The benefits of laser teeth whitening is that it can greatly improve the whiteness of the teeth. It takes mostly an hour and you will have a great smile! It’s different from the home teeth whitening because it makes your teeth shine even more up to 9 shades mostly an hour. There are some disadvantages within this procedure. Even though the laser teeth whitening brighten your teeth there are some negative things within this procedure. The main disadvantage of this procedure is that the gums will be painful after the procedure because of the long time. People also feel annoyed while wearing the mouth tray which you may not take off. The dental surgeons will tell you what to do and what not to do during this procedure to avoid risks or medical effects. The risks and side effects of this procedure are sensitizing teeth, throat and gum irritation that are temporary side effects from the laser teeth whitening. These disappear in couple of days.

What is the cost of laser teeth whitening?

It depends on what laser teeth whitening process you use, and the dental clinic in Kuwait the laser teeth whitening is approximately 80 to 280 Kuwaiti dinars. learn more about laser teeth whitening!  

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