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Orthodontist in Kuwait


                                                                What is an Orthodontist?

Do you Need braces?

Orthodontist is a dentistry that changes the place of your teeth that is located the wrong position. It is important to change the location of a tooth that is improperly positioned because it will be harder to clean your teeth and can be lost very quickly because of tooth decay. If your teeth is crooked, or not in its proper position it can weaken your appearance. You might think what would an orthodontist treatment help you with? The orthodontist treatment will clean your mouth, better appearance, and your teeth would be in its proper place.
              A tooth that has been positioned in a wrong spot or an incorrect bite may affect more than the looks of your smile. The other things the orthodontist can possibly corrected by an orthodontist are Speech impediments, Jaw pain, struggle to eat or chew, sleep apnea that is caused by breathing and snoring, teeth grinding, and gum disease. Orthodontist treatment use device that removes tooth, or surgery to adjust your teeth or jaw alignment. Orthodontist use braces to align teeth by putting on braces. Braces will apply pressure in a specific direction. The pressure can be adjusted at over the progress of treatment. This treatment can last estimated one to three years, depending on person’s teeth.
There are more than one type of braces to the patient, the old metal one and the new clear braces. Dentists now have more than one orthodontist treatments to offer adults who are thinking of straiten their teeth. But it is different than the metal braces. Retainer is a new treatment that straightens your teeth by using plastic aligners. They are worn for 24 hours a day and not while eating or drinking. This is the most common treatment used for adults that have bent or uneven bites. The most obvious benefit of the retainer is that it the patients can straighten without any person knowing. The retainer also boosts the cleanliness after the braces. Since the retainers are removable you can brush your teeth or floss normally. It will decrease the chances of getting a decay and stain that happens with braces. Drinking soda and eating sticky candy is less limiting, they are allowed to do so but after removing the retainer. There are problems but few by wearing a retainer. If someone does not wear his retainer at all time, it will take much longer to straighten your teeth. The cost of the treatment takes about 20 to 50 percent more than the braces.
An orthodontist salary is different from location to another location.

How much does an Orthodontist in Kuwait gets payed?

Each orthodontist is given different amount of money depending on his skills and experience. A new Orthodontist gets around 21,000 K.D – 45,000 K.D. In the other hand an orthodontist with 1 to 4 years of experience gets approximately 25,000 K.D – 45,000 K.D per year. The dentists that have almost 5 or 9 years of experience gets paid 27,000 K.D – 50,000 K.D. Dentists with 10-19 years of extensive get paid 52,000 K.D. Last but not least, an orthodontist with a 20years experience! Get paid 55,000 K.D. 

Best Orthodontist clinic in Kuwait.

Gulf Clinic is where I went to get my braces. It's a private Clinic. The price is 900K.D. Every month they would treat you and pay 50 K.D. It takes approximately 1 to 2 years depending on your teeth. I would recommend you to go to Gulf Clinic because they have very good dentists at Gulf clinic and they treat their patients very nicely. If you're finding a good Clinic for Orthodontist in Kuwait you should try Gulf Clinic!     If you want to learn more about orthodontists visit this site:website orthodontist.

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